Sunday, July 27, 2014

Once Upon a Time: a Barn Makeover

Once upon a time, two years ago, a Kansas kindergarten teacher had to miss work due to a yucky tummy bug.

Sub plans were prepped on the computer with care, center materials were ready, brain break videos of yoga and dance-a-thon activities were waiting on the SMART Board, and the para and aide were in the loop about the teacher's expectations for the day.

The day passed without incident at school (or so the teacher thought).

After recovering from the tummy bug's assault, the Kansas kindergarten teacher happily returned to the classroom, relieved to find the walls still standing and her students in good spirits.

And then the Kansas kindergarten teacher saw the wooden barn in the dramatic play center:

"LG."  In black marker.  On the roof of the barn.  The barn where no markers were allowed.  Not ever.

Calling "L" over to the barn, the Kansas kindergarten teacher asked, "L... why did you write letters on the barn?"  L replied "I didn't."

The Kansas kindergarten teacher asked again, "L... why did you write letters on the barn?"  Eyes growing as wide as saucers, L replied "How did you know it was **me**?  I put G's letter next to mine so it wouldn't match my initials!"

And ~that's~ how the Kansas kindergarten teacher learned that on sub days, classroom marker sets needed to be put up high, out of reach.


Fast forward to Summer, 2014.  "LG" is still on the barn, but not for long.  After obtaining permission to paint the barn, the Kansas kindergarten teacher got to work.


Wiping off sawdust:

Letting a smile grow across her face as she fondly remembered L:

Taping off the exterior using newspaper and painter's tape so the interior could get a quick dusting of ivory paint:

Working in a well-ventilated area:

Taping off the dried exterior ivory paint so the red wouldn't dribble onto it:

Posing for a shadow selfie:

... and letting everything dry.

Once dry, the Kansas kindergarten teacher lightly sanded over the barn's exterior, dulling the gloss a bit  and roughing up the edges:

Something tells me that both the Kansas kindergarten teacher and the barn that needed a makeover are going to live happily ever after.

Now all it needs are some farm animal toys and some Super Stars, eager to play!

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  1. Cute. I can just see little L's big wide eyes wondering -- does Teacher really know everything?


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