Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sometimes It's the Little Things

Last summer, one of my organizational tasks was to sort through, organize (and even donate) eighteen years' worth of bulletin board finery.  Posters, anchor charts, backgrounds for artwork and even trimmer were spread throughout my classroom for an entire day as I thought through the units, theme and decor I'd want for not only last year, but likely the next five.

No large projects needed to be tackled this summer thankfully, in fact, it's just been the little things, those slight tweaks that will help when school starts again in August.  In addition to altering the back of a rolling cart for chart tablet storage and display, I added some clear hooks to the side of my SMART Board, the leg of a display easel, and near our math focus wall.  With the purchase of a multi-pack of pointers, my Stars and I will be able to reach and point without having to hunt for an attention-getting arm extension:

Yet another quick task: ROY G BIV'ing construction paper:

What are some of the minor changes or adjustments you plan on making this year?

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