Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Classroom Tour for Students

Each year, our school's mascot helps me create a photographic tour of some of the special items and activities that my Super Stars will find in our classroom:

 photo 20140806_073425_zpsd5841497.jpg

 photo 20140806_073514_zps2806c3c3.jpg

 photo 20140805_124832_zps637ca60e.jpg

 photo 20140805_125405_zps02b6086a.jpg

 photo 20140805_125248_zps55331ab5.jpg

 photo 20140805_125331_zps7167295d.jpg

 photo 20140805_125313_zpsa813c129.jpg

 photo 20140805_125223_zpsc21d97d7.jpg

 photo 20140805_125146_zpsc9390a0e.jpg

 photo 20140805_125130_zps8fbf8417.jpg

 photo 20140805_125113_zpsa2f93583.jpg

 photo 20140805_125053_zpsb4d44b94.jpg

 photo 20140805_125034_zpsd5933ce1.jpg

 photo 20140805_125005_zps7a3eaf76.jpg

 photo 20140805_124942_zpsb57ce084.jpg

 photo 20140805_124922_zps47e46212.jpg

 photo 20140805_124851_zps35dcd484.jpg

 photo 20140805_124804_zps583a3a7e.jpg

 photo 20140806_102840_zps2f2ec300.jpg


Our first day of kindergarten is tomorrow!


  1. That is so precious and such a great idea! Your kids will just love it!

  2. What an absolutely adorable way to introduce the classroom and teacher to your students.


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