Friday, September 09, 2011

As We Observe 9-11


Families, this weekend please remember:

Young children often do not have the necessary coping or filtering skills that adults do.  Repetitive and graphic imagery and video of planes crashing into buildings and people plummeting to their deaths are not appropriate for them to view. 

Thank you for considering the needs, fears, and perspectives of our young family members as we observe and reflect upon 9-11.


  1. Michaele. I have your blog set to automatically syndicate to my FB fanpage. I just wanted you to know that 3 of my peeps have 'liked' your post there at RainbowsWithinReach. If you had a chance maybe you'd want to pop thru & say another word of two.



  2. Thanks for this post. My youngest daughter was 5 and in Kg. when 9/11 happened and she said to me the other day- "Mom, I don't remember anything about 9/11". That's when I told her I purposely turned off the news and would only let her watch happy shows. Now I feel she is old enough to try to understand the gravity of this tragedy.


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