Saturday, December 22, 2007

Seven More Random Things About Moi

Ms. Whatsit tagged me for the "Seven Random Things about Me" meme that has been floating around for a bit, and though I had already been tagged previously, I've been in a very reflective mood lately as I wrap up what has been an intense and busy year. Consequently, I've discovered (or re-discovered) additional quirks about myself that for some strange reason, I don't mind sharing.

1) I've always wanted to write a childrens' book. Something simple, yet illustrated beautifully. Something kindergartners would want to look at again and again, and enjoy reading on their own. Too bad I'm not much of an artist, so who to ask to illustrate....Tomie dePaola? Jan Brett? Linnea Asplind Riley?

2) I'm a binder-queen. Instead of hauling around piles and piles of magazines (or teacher resources/articles), I cut out recipes, design ideas, crochet patterns, teacher tricks, book recommendations, etc. and put them all into binders. Moving so often (with a household item weight limit) requires that I always think, sort, be selective, and lighten the load by donating or yard saling, several times per year. My classroom binders are sorted by month as are my see-through plastic storage bins (on wheels, stackable). Book and magazine purists really don't like me.

3) I love twinkle lights and candles, Sharpie fine point markers and sassy paper products. Not very "green" of me, is it?

4) Though I am a military wife, I go out of my way to NOT wear my husband's rank. While I don't mind being called "Ma'am" by my childrens' friends or by the high-school grocery bagger at the store, I would rather be called by my first name when spending time with the spouses of soldiers who work with (or for) my husband. No, I don't do "teas" either.

5) I'm not a dog person. Don't think I ever will be. The rest of my extended family makes up for it though, so don't hate me.

6) I'm learning to live in the moment instead of always being in "preparation" mode. Preparing for the move, preparing for my husband's deployment(s), preparing for the new job, preparing for whatever surprise lurks around the next corner. I'm finding it's a very difficult transition for me to make, but worth it because I'm tired of feeling like I'm missing out on enjoying the little things: my toddler giggling after he and I both sneeze at the same time, my teen daughter wanting to get a mani/pedi with ME instead of with her friends, my husband done with work, done with other outside obligations, and ready for a movie night.

7) I never imagined how pleased I would be when my first group of kindergarten students started college (this year), or that I would still be in touch with some of their families. It gives me chills, because *I was their first* teacher in public school, and some of them still mention that they loved it when I would read Where the Wild Things Are.

I'll need another cup of coffee for the next step, tagging seven more bloggers, but I'll post this for now so I can get to baking some coffee cake for breakfast! Happy Saturday to you!

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  1. One can never have too many Sharpies. It's nice to have lots of color options.

    I wonder if all teachers dream of publishing books. Are we just frustrated writers and artists deep inside?


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