Friday, December 21, 2007

Maybe Not "Ho Ho's..."

... but "ha ha's" have brightened my day! I found the perfect gifts for me, myself and I at Anne Taintor's product site, here. I first encountered her "vintage humor" a few years ago while on a shopping excursion with Shannon, and then again with Polly. I have some of her magnets on my fridge, and many notepads (I love giving them as gifts to the women in my life), and look forward to adding more/hoarding more of her paper products in the year to come! She has some great boxed card sets this year, and I found the perfect image for my upcoming birthday:


not to mention some ha-ha's that I wish I had found before all of the Christmas presents had been mailed to friends and family:

credit cardsreturn

And what would have me, Shannon and Polly rolling?

no one



See, still promoting literacy and laughter!

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