Monday, April 01, 2013

Flower Power: A Recycling Project

As we learn about reducing, reusing and recycling, I've invited the Super Stars and their families to create spring flowers using materials found at home... materials that might otherwise be tossed out with the trash.  Take a peek at some of the creations brought to school so far:

Cardboard, plastic, scrap fabric...

Bottle caps and glass stones were added to a tough tote lid... 

Magazine pages, plastic lids and cardboard tubing filled a plastic bottle vase...

Plastic cups and a bottle were painted and then framed in a cardboard lid...

The flowers are sharing our hallway bulletin board with our Earth Day painting project.

Family collaboration makes this a fun activity for the weekend, but it would also be easy to add materials to a creative construction zone or other crafty center in the classroom as well.  Families can donate the materials that their students enjoy using:

~ cardboard

~ plastic lids

~ bottlecaps (decide in advance if you'd like to accept all bottle caps or only those from non-alcoholic items)

~ bottles

~ yarn

~ paint

~ newspaper or extra book order forms/ scratch paper

~ scrap fabric

~ cardboard tubes

~ cereal boxes or frozen food item boxes/ trays

~ plasticware

What kinds of artwork do your students enjoy creating using recyclable materials?


Visit me again tomorrow when I'll show you our Earth Day painting project!


Today being April 1, my Super Stars had fun fooling me!

Student 1: "Yeah, so Mrs. Sommerville? I can totally speak Dolphin now."

Student 2: "Mrs. Sommerville- today is my 18th birthday. I'm supposed to tell you I'm ready to move out and get a job."

Student 3: "School's been called off Mrs. Sommerville! You can leave right now and go shopping!"

Student 4: "Uh, Mrs. Sommerville, don't freak out. The world ran out of coffee."

Did your students try to ~fool~ you today? If so, share with us over on Twitter:



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  2. I love this idea. I am going to tweak a bit and share it with my K4 families for our April Family Project. Thanks so much!

  3. You're welcome Sue!

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