Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's All About the Ears

 Attending to instruction, focusing on details, intentionally remembering steps and working with others are skills that we can help our students develop over time with lots of practice.

I haven't met a student yet who didn't like making bunny ears:

You'll need...

White construction paper:

 3 X 18 for the head band (plus extra strips to staple to the ends to accommodate larger heads)

3 X 9 for each ear

Pink construction paper:

2 X 8 for each ear

1 X 1 to be cut diagonally for a triangle nose

Black construction paper:

1 X 3 (my kiddos folded this piece in half 
to cut out two eyes at once)

Light tan construction paper:

3 X 3 to cut into whiskers

Though cute for spring and Easter, I used this activity to help my Stars develop their memory skills.  After explaining that we'd be using our "remember-ers" (a term used by a former student), I showed and described each piece of paper to be used, and talked myself through making my own bunny headband as students watched.  Reminding them that they'd need scissors and glue, I then sent them to their desks to see if they could make their own headbands.

"My remember-er is working!"

"Mine isn't."

"Here, I'll let you use mine."


SuperMom strikes again!  Cake rolls, bunny Peeps, mini-pretzels and Junior Mints made the cutest little rabbit-racers:

Happy Easter!

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