Thursday, October 13, 2011

Labeling Personal Property

Perhaps this one can also be filed under "more stuff your teacher prep courses don't teach you."

My Super Stars were finishing up with their afternoon centers and had started to clean the room, when from two tables away I heard:

Uh, Mrs. Sommerville.  There's something moving on the floor.  

No, wait.  The floor is moving.

No, I was right the first time.  There's something moving on the floor.

It's a snake.

**Not** my favorite words, but words that, as a kindergarten teacher, I must respond to.  Quickly.  Appropriately.


Imagine my relief when I discovered that it was a baby snake.  Small.  Petite.  Itty bitty even:


Can you see him?  He was fabulously camouflaged, which made for an interesting discussion as my aide quickly found a camera and a parent volunteer gathered the students over into the cubby area to pack up for home time.


It was terribly handy that we had a clear manipulatives tub that could be dumped out and utilized as a trap...

...but it was this shot that had me laughing:


The snake is apparently my own personal property now.

Label your belongings, dear colleagues.   Label them.



This is the second classroom visitor we've had this year!  I wonder what's next...


  1. I used to get a lot of bats. Once, a bat bit one of my students. I sent him to the secretary who told him to "Go warsh it." Then she sent him back to class. I called his mom during my prep and she came to school to get him and take him to the doctor, who gave him a shot. Our buildings here are still infested with bats. We've got parents who are keeping their kids home because of it. Amazing, ain't it.

  2. Mamacita, in Alaska I had reindeer visitors to my room (special show and tell/Ak. Biology visits set up with the University of Alaska Fairbanks), and in White Sands, NM., bats, tarantulas and scorpions made the rounds.

    Funny that here in Oz it's the lizards and snakes.

    Better than flying monkeys I suppose!


  3. WOW!
    The most excitement I could get in my class is a fly, bee, woodlouse, teeny spider or wasp!

    ...and germs from little people :-P


  4. Oh, my gosh! I don't think I would have been so calm!!! I hate snakes!

    Recently I went out to my garden to pick some tomatoes (still growing for now) and a BIG snake greeted me! Needless to say the tomatoes scattered to the four corners of the garden and I haven't been back since... my dh hasn't gotten him out of the garden yet. He died in the our deer netting but I still can't get myself to go out there!

    Have a great week.

  5. wow, sounds frightening, there is no real snakes here.... the maximum animal we had were bees :D and yes, your trap was great :D
    hugs from Hungary


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