Thursday, August 11, 2011

Classroom Visitor

Reading Blueberries for Sal each year on Blue Day is a *must* for me.

Today during story time, students quietly raised their hands mid-story and pointed up toward the ceiling:


My morning group (the class is split into a.m. and p.m. groups for the first two weeks of school) maintained a whispery tone as they asked questions about the lizard, perhaps hoping that they wouldn't scare it off by becoming too loud:

Teacher, how did that lizard get up there?

Mrs. Sommerville, how did the lizard get inside the light?

Mrs. Sommerville, does he know we can see him?

After he scampered away, we returned to the story, where kuplink!  kuplank! kuplunk! made the Stars smile.


In the afternoon, I was reading I Love You, Blue Kangaroo, when a shriek erupted from the carpet:

Mrs. Sommerville!  There'salizardthere'salizardthere'salizard!

Sure enough:


Apparently it's a literary lizard, and my two groups of Stars have very different ways of reacting.


  1. have a.m., p.m. K?

    Lizards are SO much nicer than cockroaches. Which is what I have in my light fixtures. Not nice. :(

    I loved your story!

  2. Hi Gumbiecat- we transition our students for the first two weeks of school. Half of the class attends 8-11:10, and the second half attends 12:10-3:20. When week three rolls around, all students attend 8-3:20.

    Ugh- roaches! Blech blech blech!

  3. I used to have a HUGE spider that used to visit my music classroom. The girls would scream, the boys would ask if they could "take it outside" (ie: show how tough they were) & I used to say "No, that's just Fred & he lives in my classroom. He likes the music!"
    However, cockroaches are another thing entirely...

  4. Oh....well...that makes really great sense! Ours start straight all day from day one and are exhausted - and no more naps.

    Yep - roaches, blech blech blech!

    Welcome to the sunny South!


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