Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bailey Book Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to my winners for Scholastic's Bailey Book Giveaway!


Grand Prize Winner: Lynola said...
I teach K and I have a super cute little dark brown dog. He is soft, stuffed, and doesn't shed.

Runner Up #1: @reeree62 said...
I'm a volunteer teacher aide in a K classroom & LOVE it!! Mom of 3 grown kids, we have 2 Labs, Casey (chocolate) and Holly (yellow)!
Love the Bailey book!!!

…and Runner Up #2 who has yet to respond to my email message:
Runner Up #2:  Keys4Education said...
I am a mutt kind of girl. A lot of great pups mixed together to make perfection! :o) I have no pups right now; however, I can't wait to bring one into my home again. :o)

PS. I teach kindergarten! 

Congratulations!  I have forwarded the names and addresses of the grand prize winner and first runner up to our Scholastic Representative, Chelsy!  

Many thanks again to Scholastic for offering such a wonderful story to students, teachers, and families via a blog giveaway!


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