Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Almost There...

I finished the curtains...

Took care of some environmental print:



... and even went a little dotty to match the bulletin board trimmers:




Almost there.

(Here's the link to my blog post about the basket tree that houses my puppets- unfortunately, the links I included in that post no longer work- but take a peek to get an idea of what to look for if you're still interested in tracking one down online.)


  1. Your classroom is SO cute! I am jealous that you are being so productive and getting it ready in July! I won't be able to get into my classroom until mid-August :0(


  2. So cute! Did you make the basket tree???

  3. Hi Dedra,

    Here's the link to the blog post I wrote about the basket tree, unfortunately, the links no longer work to the two examples I cited.... check out the photos as it might be easy to make the tree, or it'll give you the details you need to hunt another one down like it online:

    KT, I'm getting as much done as possible before Dear Husband returns from his deployment! :)

  4. Anonymous10:04 PM

    What school do you teach at that gives you such lovely furniture? Did you purchase some of the major stuff?

  5. Hi Nicole! In my fifteen years of teaching, this school was the first that provided me (and my students) with a completely furnished and equipped teaching space. Furniture, curriculum materials, manipulatives, technology, and even plain ol' square footage- it's the most amazing school. The first time I set foot in the room, I just stood and cried, much to the chagrin of the custodians who had let me in to see it.

    The basket tree is my own property, as is some of the decor, and some of the center materials (foam blocks, magnetic builders, puppets) are my own personal purchases. Though the reading curriculum provides the books covered in the teaching manual and the ten thematic units we follow, I have my own reading library of books and c.d. roms that I've acquired over the years.

  6. Do you ever use curtains on the windows?
    Is it much of a hassle getting at the things behind the shelf curtains? I can see my K class accidentally pulling them down all the time.
    Thanks for the refreshing look of an organized classroom. You must be thrilled! Do you change schools because of deployment and reassignment?

  7. Hi Gail,

    The windows have wooden blinds that I can use to darken the room when necessary. As the curtains just lift up (or the whole bar can be pulled out) getting into items behind them is not a problem. It's interesting that none of my students sit with their backs against the curtains, because if they did, they'd certainly pull them down often. My students are so busy laying on the floor, or moving around, that they don't recline much. At circle/ story time, they sit in the center of the space and not against the cabinetry.

    At the beginning of the year, as I explain our centers and how we'll use our learning space, I let my students know that my desk is my area, and anything covered by a curtain is an area that only I can get into. I've had a few parents mention that they were worried when they saw my room compared to others, as they didn't think I had as much "stuff" that their children could use throughout the year- I gladly lift up the curtains to show parents how well equipped our room really is during our conferences or Open House.

    I do change employers because of my husband's relocation from post to post and have seen several states' versions of kindergarten since leaving Alaska in 2004. My children and I have chosen to stay put each time my husband has deployed. :)

  8. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I love the hanging dots! And I just wanted to say thank you for posting about the environmental print. It's one of those details that I may have forgotten in my first classroom if I wasn't explicitly reminded. =D

  9. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Hi Michaele,

    Love your classroom decor. Always jealous because we are ruled by the fire marshall and can't hang things from the ceiling, etc.

    The bushel tree is available from several places online BUT it costs anywhere from $175 on up - whew!

  10. Yep GumbieCat, I've been guiltily appalled when I've seen the prices online- because I purchased mine for $15.

    Yes, $15.

    You never know when you're going to find an incredible piece at a spectacular price- it was meant to be in this case.

    I once worked at a school that had an amazing classroom layout, but we too, couldn't hang anything from the ceiling... even though several of the walls were CARPETED, floor to ceiling. Didn't have bulletin boards or cork, we had CARPET . I understand building codes require fire retardant materials be used, but honey, after the years of use and the mis-cleaning by the custodial staff, there was *no way* those walls weren't going to catch fire pronto if a spark flew or a "Bic" was flicked.


    In many schools you can hang things from the ceiling that 1) aren't too heavy and 2) display items at least 15 inches from the top of the tallest person's head.... still awfully high when trying to make a more comfortable and cozy spot for such short students.

  11. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Thanks for your response - the powers that be also decreed that our lamps had to go this year. Also, no more than "50%" of the walls can be covered with artwork, etc.

    Rather depressing. Which is why, I enjoy looking at your room so much- mary

  12. Anonymous6:16 PM

    Carpet??? oh my....

  13. I LOVE your classroom and fantastic ideas! I was wondering what is on the blue poster with all the pictures?



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