Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'll Have a Lu's Christmas...

... not a blue Christmas mind you, a Lu's Christmas!

I first encountered Artistic Works by Lu when D. and I visited Farmstead, where this charm not only caught my eye, but ended up coming home with me:

Sparkles and a reversible windowpane charm- the perfect combination!

Several weeks later I located Lu's shop in Leavenworth, Kansas and had fun running my fingers through the jars, trays, silver, ceramic and crystal dishes full of charms, dangles, Swarovski beads and neckwear (laces, chains, pearl strands, ribbons).  Not able to settle for just one charm, Lu suggested a heavy link bracelet onto which I could add charms to my heart's content:

A jewelry lover, I don't often discriminate between wantful things and needful things... Bless their hearts, Lu and her staff do a great job of making seasonal and colorful selections available year 'round.  My Christmas treat to myself, a sparkly snowflake charm with a double-sided windowpane charm, "Cozy and Warm" was a favorite of my students this month (and yes, her jewelry stands up to the rigors of exploring hands and long hours of wearing!):

Sigh... Lu's is BLISS!  If you can't make it to her shop in Leavenworth, track down one of her representatives (or become one yourself!) and attend a Lu's Party... you deserve it!

(Psst, Artistic Works by Lu can also be found on Facebook!)

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  1. I was thinking of heading over there today. But Jon's need for a nap won out. sigh. Maybe tomorrow....


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