Friday, August 28, 2009

Peeve #74: Drivers Who Inflict Their Horrible Music Upon Moi and the Rest of Society

When it sounds like a more rhythmic yet *blasting* version of this (me in my Jeep, windows rolled up, air conditioner on high and my own c.d. playing):

...for oh, let's say, eight slooooooooow blocks with three red lights...

I start feeling a little:

Thanks to my iPod, it's not like I force everyone in Oz to listen to

or to

...but I *swear*, whenever other drivers decide they have the right to add their own soundtrack to MY day, and more often than not their "music" is merely a demonstration of their poor taste in excessive bass and monotony, I become ever-so tempted to follow the auditorially-offensive jerk home, make a mental note of where he lives, and then return late at night, blasting something like this:

or this:

at his windows until they shatter.

If no one else feels obligated to show a bit of respect by NOT drowning out the music on my own c.d., the voice of my child seated behind me, or heck, even my own thoughts as I drive home each day, I may just be tempted to bring out the really big guns:

Don't **push** me.

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