Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fireworks Fun

Last 4th of July, we had just arrived to our home here in the Heartland and were too exhausted to buy and set off fireworks of our own. Our neighbor was happy to let us sit and watch his pyrotechnic skills (or lack thereof, poor guy!) and that was the kids' first experience with fireworks up close and personal.

THIS 4th of July, Daddy and Dear Daughter caught a fireworks stand as it was closing up for the year and spent twenty dollars on one hundred dollars' worth of noisemakers and flammability. Daddy was in charge of the production, and two other neighbors up the road also had fireworks fun going off the same time we did, making for quite the show- we cheered one another back and forth as each neighbor competed for the biggest BOOM!

Rightfully cautious, our preschooler kept his Bumblebee Transformer toy in hand as he handled his first sparkler.

Dear Daughter and I danced in the yard with the last of the sparklers at ten p.m., but we all needed showers before bed as the wind had blown all of the smoke and smell of the street's fireworks into our yard.

Fun, fun FUN!

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