Monday, July 06, 2009

S'More Summer Decor and Links

I love decorating for the holidays and seasons, and each summer I really look forward to tracking down more Americana/Patriotic themed items to add to my collection. This year I simplified (don't you think, *wink wink*?) and kept most of the red, white, and blue corralled in my den on our fireplace hearth:

Flags, stars, stripes...

...and of course, two bitty banners as swags across the front...


~ My friend D. posted her status to "s'mores" sometime yesterday on her FB page. It was enough to remind me that a few days ago I stumbled across a recipe for S'Mores CAKE over at Baking Bites...

Perhaps the summer heat has you dreaming of snow (or is that just me?)...or a s'mores snowman (and *score*... he's edible)?

...or bathing suit season has you dreaming of s'mores but not eating them...what to do? Crochet one obviously!

Think Buck Howdy would make me one of those MONDO-multi-marshmallow sticks?

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