Saturday, July 04, 2009

This Teacher's Summer "Off," or is it "Off" Summer?

Teachers hear it all of the time, "You must LOVE having your summers OFF!" Many of us usually respond with a smile, a quick glance around the room to see if there's another teacher nearby with whom we can share a knowing look, followed by a change of subject. What we don't tend to reveal to others (except for colleagues via that knowing look) is that we don't ever seem to have a summer "off." We might not be found physically housed in our classroom during June, July and August, but often, we're taking classes from someone else, teaching summer school, chaperoning our own children to their summer activities or are traveling on vacation, and trust me, though we're miles away from school, we're still eyeing souvenirs, post cards, books, and other knick knacks, determining which items would work for a social studies or geography display come autumn. Teachers have school-on-the-brain year 'round.

I'm no exception~ this summer I've taken my SMARTBoard class (if all college courses were as hands-on, applicable and enjoyable as this one, I'd have a doctorate by now), and will be sneaking back to my classroom to get as many SMARTNotebook lessons set up as I possibly can for our kindergarten team before August. Accompanying my higher learning, I've continued my education about Life as well. So far this summer I've learned:

...that sockie feet minus shoes on a smooth-set concrete garage floor plus minimal momentum equals a gravity-induced bonked head and a trip to the hospital for a CT scan. I'm bruised and sore, but thankfully still capable of being enlightened. Too bad my left eye and forehead area look like I've been playing in not-complimentary-to-brunettes blue eyeshadow.

...that my lifestyle, which doesn't *appear* busy to others, is really quite over-scheduled. My body has been trying to shut down for days now, requiring naps each afternoon and an early bedtime every night. If the preschooler would oblige me by joining me in sleep-mode on command, this situation would be easily managed. N-o-t going to happen though.

...that summer allergies suck. Big time. As do the allergy meds that grog me out and make me feel like I'm losing track of time, space, and motivation.

...that brainless television occasionally turns up a gem...

...and that nothing beats family time.


Posting links for awesome July 4 crafts, tips and recipes ON July 4 instead of several days prior isn't very helpful of me, I know, so 1) blame the bonked head and 2) save these ideas for ANY patriotic celebration, decor style inspiration, classroom lesson about America or military deployment/reunion party, okie dokie?

* Cakespy makes patriotic firework cookies (hey, POP ROCKS!)
* Baking Bites shares red, white and blue chocolate dipped strawberries...
* The Crafts Department over at Martha Stewart has made patriotic rosettes...
* Let's hear it for patriotic pom-poms over at Make and Takes!
*...and as usual, Bakerella goes above and beyond in her tasty tribute to our nation's military- HOOAH!

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  1. Even when I did have the summers "off", I was always doing something preschool. In one way or another. These days, now that my kids are teens, I am teaching summer camp through the first week of August. And also working a retail job 2-3 nights a week. But I'm still always thinking preschool. It never turns off.


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