Monday, December 29, 2008

January Classroom Decor

I kept the winter trees from December up as "background" for the bulletin boards, as well as the snowy tree borders. Oversized tissue paper snowflakes keep the snowmen and decorated paper mittens my students made before winter break company, and add to the winter feel:

(The start of our winter word wall in the calendar/story time area)


(Snowmen on the math wall- our math units for this month include Numbers 1-12, pairs, and counting past 50, so appropriate math poems, number words, and match up pair games will be utilized...)

(Decorated paper mittens and snowy trees hang above students' desks...)

(A cheery winter flag...)

Here's who'll greet us every day this month:


Check back tomorrow for my hallway bulletin board!


  1. Love Love Love your room!!! The snowmen...aaaaah! laurie

  2. Heh heh heh, I thought you'd like it Laurie! Since many kindergarten classrooms teach "Stone Soup" this month, I was thinking I could tuck a few SPOONS in the room as well! :)

    Happy New Year!


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