Friday, June 20, 2008

Ruby Red...Sneakers?

My feet are *so* ready to return to Oz!

The rest of me is too, but for now, these spangly ruby red sneakers will just have to do their part in keeping my mood upbeat as my family and I endure this latest round of power packing, marathon driving, and bidding one state goodbye (er, "adios") and another hello.

As for the sparkly shoes, head to Walmart~ they're nine dollars!

Unfortunately, their heels don't click...


My truck is at a collision repair shop here in the Bordertown. They've *promised* it can be repaired, good as new, by next Thursday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed since we're supposed to drive out two days later! Until then, I'm getting used to driving my husband's truck (it's the one I'll be piloting back to Oz, pulling a small trailer) while he drives a rental car. May I just say THANK YOU GEICO? I think you're pretty terrific, even though your spokesgecko reminds me of a SleeStak:


~Back to kid-friendly snacking, The Pioneer Woman Cooks Marguerites (Ritz crackers, peanut butter and marshmallows!). I'm a kid, right?

~Strawberry Shortcake from Tracy Porter

~Andrea doesn't know it but she crafted the perfect crown for ME...Fairy Tale Dress Up Day just won't be the same this year!


It's time for me to start collecting all things Tasha Tudor~ she has always been my favorite featured artist in magazines such as Victoria, and one of my favorite childrens' book authors/ illustrators. She died two days ago at the age of 92:


  1. Oh be careful on your drive.I wish you well on settling down in your new Kansas home. Thanks for all the links. I love strawberry shortcake so I'm going to go check it out!! Take care if I dont "talk" to you before you take off. Laurie

  2. Thanks Laurie! The trip will certainly be an adventure, and I'll admit I'm really just wishing we could fast-forward to me unpacking the house, getting our furniture in place, and us settling in. Baking that first batch of cookies seems to be the final essential- it will smell like home then! :) I'll try to work ahead on a few blog posts so this site doesn't go stagnant for two weeks while the computer makes its trek to Oz, and of course I'll post when we get there and have things unpacked! :) I hope you and yours enjoy wonderful weather and summer relaxation and fun!


As always, thank you for your comments, tips, suggestions and questions!