Saturday, June 21, 2008

...for I am the (Floral) Binder Queen!

It was a quiet Saturday, nothing but the sound of the blade slicing through the pretty papers, and me muttering not-so-kindergarten-teacherish words under my breath each time I accidentally burned myself with the hot glue:

Now I have both "inspiration" binders finished, full of seasonal/holiday decorating and craft ideas, as well as the regular home decorating inspirations that help me figure out furniture placement and storage solutions each time we move to a new home, new floorplan, and new traffic pattern. The third binder is extra, just for me, though I have no idea what I'll be saving in it just yet. Something about the binders matching/coordinating makes me smile. I'm also assured that their flowery femininity will guarantee that NO ONE will mess with them "on accident."

The packers arrive next Tuesday, which means tomorrow and Monday will be spent working through the to-do list:
* baking "thank you" and "we'll miss you" cookies and goodies for friends and neighbors
* cleaning all of my copper decor
* laundering all of the linens, spare blankets, sheets, etc. so they're clean and closet-ready when we open the boxes in Kansas
* packing our travel suitcases, preparing car activities and snacks for the kids
* getting BOTH trucks back from the repair shops (oh yes, Dear Husband's truck decided to have brake problems this morning)
* making sure all of our legal documents and necessary paperwork are in our family binder, ready to travel with us
* buying our travel stash of diapers, snacks, toiletries
* loading the iPod up with drivable and motivating music
* making sure the cat carrier is clean and ready for Anni
* TRYING to work ahead, posting blogs in the queue so you all don't think I've abandoned Kindergarten's 3 R's while our household goods (and my computer) are in transit
* finding one small craft that I can bring with me to help me wind down each evening in the hotel while the kids take their baths (I'm thinking crocheting)


~ Country French Antiques continues on with the flower theme (I mean really, did you take a good look at my binders? I seem to have absorbed a bit too much floral/romantic inspiration lately), sharing photos from Shoe-Fleur

~ I might just have to subscribe to small, after this Frida-inspired photo shoot (oh yes, more flowers!)'s an ONLINE magazine! Thanks to AllSorts for the link!


With a name like Rosy Posy Confections, how could I *not* include this blog on my post today?


I hope you are having a FABULOUS weekend!

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  1. WoW! You are so busy it makes me feel like my life is standing still! Hope all goes well throughout the next week!


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