Friday, May 09, 2008

Sleepy Time

My sleep habits:

*Long-gone are the days when I could stay up for forty-eight hours, and still be productive and pleasant. Like twenty years ago long-gone.

*Toddlers and teens need extra sleep. So does this extra tired mommy of a toddler and teen. Unfortunately, there's a conspiracy working against me: if I get to bed by nine, the toddler wakes up at one...two-thirty. Three-forty, four-fifty, etc. If the toddler only wakes once, upon my return to bed my husband's shake-the-house-and-rattle-the-china-in-the-dining-room snores kick in, miraculously.
My Daddy Snores

*I haven't been able to sleep in for years. Many friends and family can actually *sleep* extra hours each weekend or when they're on vacation, but not me. If I have to be up at five each morning during the week for work, I'm up at five on Saturday and Sunday. If I've been out of bed, dressed and productive by seven each day throughout the school year, so too will I be up and puttering around the house accomplishing something, anything, during summer break. After two-and-a-half months of summer vacation have finally settled themselves into my routine, I will sleep in once or twice three days before school starts again, and yes, then find myself dragging as I set up my classroom and attend professional development meetings. Murphy's Law lives at my house.

*I run through my mental checklist before bed each night: did I lock the doors? Set up the coffee pot? Start the dishwasher? Make sure the door to the litter box is open for the cat's evening activities? Brush my teeth? Blow out the candles? Check on the toddler?

*During both of my stay-at-home-mommy years, I've ended up resorting to afternoon naps with the then infant now toddler. Naps are only for students when I'm back to work.

Naptime is the New Happy Hour


Here's a pretty little sleep mask by HeadtoToe:

Though my twisted sense of humor also finds the "nightmare sleep masks" made by FreakyOldWoman entertaining:

Photobucket Photobucket


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  1. The alien masks are...well...not attractive.LOL!! Cartoon is toooo funny! Laurie


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