Friday, May 02, 2008

Go Ahead and Giggle...LAUGH Even!

...and then *admit* you too, have some prom photos that have come back to haunt you!

In honor of my eldest son, who will be attending his first prom this weekend, here are some blasts from the past (and yet more proof that I have always loved playing "dress-up") along with a challenge:

I *dare* my readers to dig through your photo boxes, albums and shoeboxes to find evidence of your own formal fashion "foo-paws" from yesteryear- and POST THEM, linking back here so that I can see!

In fact, I *double-dog-dare you!*

My first prom (I was thirteen) was in an Eskimo village!

Another blue gown that I also wore the year before (nope, not sharing THOSE photos!), this time shortened, for Prom #3.

Prom #4, still in Alaska, only this time outside of Squarebanks, with my dear friend Jodi. She wore lilac, I wore white...

Only to follow it up with a black lace dress for my Senior Prom. The photo doesn't show it, but boy did I have 1987 BIG HAIR!

Have fun Boy- I can't wait to see your photos!

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  1. If I had quick access to them and could remember where they were I'd be all over it. Until I do, just take my word for it... ughhhh.


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