Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Visitor

Scene: Sunday morning. At home. Sister still asleep, Daddy working in the garage. Toddler gasps after entering the living room, looking toward the window.

Me: (following his gaze) Oh! Look! A visitor! It looks like a grasshopper!

Toddler: No Mommy. No hopper. Ucky Bug.

Me: Honey, that's a grasshopper. What's he doing on our screen?

Toddler: Mommy! NO HOPPER! UCKY BUG!

Me: Sigh. Okay, you can call the grasshopper "ucky bug" if you want. Do you want to see it?

Toddler: (nods) Aunt ("want") ucky bug. Yook ("look")!


Apparently it's easier to get closer to the "ucky bug" if you're inside the house, on the other side of the glass. If, however, you choose to go outside and join the ucky bug in the fresh air, your bravery will be greatly increased if your ducky blankie accompanies you.

Thanks to for the following image (I enlarged it and turned it into a coloring page for the boy):

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