Saturday, April 05, 2008

Catching My Eye

It's been a mish-mash kind of week: domestic goddess duties at home; the start of our relocation planning; strange encounters with rude people; filling out teaching applications; juicy news from friends and family; photo-journalism at home; longing for the same types of proof that spring has arrived that my favorite blogs have been publishing (alas, we get flowering shrubs here in the desert, not tulips or crocus or snowdrops); and a return to watching what I eat and making time to get on the treadmill.

I've been able to do a bit of exploring as well and have found some ideas and items to add to the online version of my Inspiration Binder. Here's some of what you'll find in the "flagged" column on my read feed:

(Art by Tammy-Fleetwood-Moody)


I thought I was good at patriotic decor influences until I came across Karnas Hus. Nope, I don't understand a word of it, but thanks to the author's photographs, I "get it." Interesting to see our nation's colors and symbols used so beautifully in a country style cottage home... in someone else's country.


Casa Sugar did a quick review on the following book:

and I want it!

Not just because it has a wonderful illustration of "nasty urchins" on the cover (though that is certainly what grabbed my attention first) but because I love trying to identify flora I've not encountered before when we move to each new state. What are "nasty urchins?" Nasturtiums, of course, though I've had several kindergarten students throughout the years ask me "Teacher, teacher, when do we get to take the nasty urchins home to give to our moms?" at the end of our Seeds/Things Grow units. Nasty urchins go home right before Mother's Day, by the way, just so you know.


I'd like to go shopping at The Cottage. Soon. Here's their blog with close up photos. I'm liking vintage looking (and truly vintage) furniture more and more...probably has something to do with the movers "giving our furniture character" each time we relocate.


Di at Designer's Block featured a beautiful French getaway recently, so I followed along, and found my own dream getaway-girls'-only cottage (sorry Honey!). Rock walls, clean lines, simple furnishings, twinkle lights...I can feel my stress melting away. I'm not entirely sold on the pink walls though, but there are some nicely photographed decor ideas to tuck away for future inspiration...


I don't like green beans. Never have. Ask my mother. She'll tell you all about how I would constantly try to mask the flavor and texture and smell and existence of said beans with mounds of catsup as a child. It never worked of course, insert dramatic gagging followed with tons of eye-watering begging please-don't-make-me-eat-this here. As a result, I didn't like anything that remotely LOOKED like green beans.... meaning *asparagus*. Then Smitten Kitchen goes and writes up (and photographs) a Spring Panzanella, and my goodness... I might have to be brave... risk revisiting the childhood trauma/drama for a taste...or two, or three... It looks THAT delicious.


Scribbit reminded me that I'm missing break up again this year. Remember folks, I'm an Alaska Girl...


Inspire Company has a new online magazine- once you get there, keep clicking "next" to see each wonderful, crafty feature! I'm going to find some time this weekend to make a cake like the one outlined in the Creativity Journal (number 6).


What's been catching *your* eye lately?

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