Monday, March 10, 2008


Perhaps it's the loss of a sixty minute chunk of time yesterday, but I've been "off" since waking up this morning. I've been productive, gotten tasks and chores finished, have had time to do my daily blog-read, and even got to enjoy my husband's company during lunch today, despite his meeting-filled schedule. But I've had this strange feeling all day that I've not quite been... in the moment. Nope, can't explain it more clearly than that.

Laundry is almost completely done, dishwasher is running as I type, Toddler and I got "go-sees" this morning (groceries), and I even made broccoli salad to go with leftovers for lunch. I've vacuumed, answered email, packaged up Rosie's chipboard book and some goodies for my son in Alaska for Easter, and finished getting my recipe binder back in working order. But the only experience I've had today that has caught my attention completely is the one I'm having now: blogging while enjoying Rocky Road ice cream. I'm sitting at my desk, with the entire carton of Dreyer's ice cream (wrapped in a kitchen towel), typing a bit, periodically stopping to scoop a tablespoonful of the marshmallow-ey/nutty/chocolatey goodness into my mouth. And it's *bliss.*

Here in the Bordertown, it's only about fifty degrees, though the sun is shining brightly. Ummm, and I have the air conditioner on. And, er, I'm wearing jeans and a short sleeved t-shirt. Eating rocky road ice cream.

Just more proof that I'm an Alaskan Girl.

(Sticker found here)

And that Dreyer's *and* Weird Al feature much more prominently in my life than I have ever imagined.

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