Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Blogs

Big surprise, I've found some more wonderful blogs!


~Joy has a charming blog, really! Cupids' Charm has had most of my attention this weekend, since I love china, even broken bits of it, and ADORE jewelry made with porcelain treasures... Go here to see the most beautiful spring bunny charm bracelet- I've happily subscribed so I can get all of Joy's latest news, thoughts, and photos of her treasured creations!

~With categories such as "Beautiful Books," " Cultured as a Pearl," "Gaze Upon This," "Hooray for Holidays," "Something Sparkly" and "The Universe is My Catalog," how could anyone ignore ToMama's Dwell on These Things? Yes, I know, I know... I know YOU know that she had me as soon as she used the word "sparkly..."

~While the textile lover in me lives vicariously through other spinners, weavers and knitters (Rosie, Mom...), I have no intention of picking up a set of knitting needles or making room for a loom. That leaves me to lurk at blogs such as Spincerely Yours, though I'll admit, I am green with envy over Tamara's gorgeous new "Wild Cherry" washer and dryer!

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