Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Another Tidbit Tuesday

*It was wonderful spending time with Shannon last week/weekend! Crafting, shopping, driving, laughing, and a few hysterical games of Trivial Pursuit with Dear Daughter were just what the doctor ordered. I shared photos of Rosie's Workshop with you, but I won't be done with her thank-you chipboard book until sometime tomorrow since I ran out of color ink for my printer. Funny how that happens right in the middle of some fun craft!

*Old Mesilla was windy and dusty for our last excursion, so much so that the weekend vendors stayed away. We visited a few shops, but mostly the kids ran, twirled, and otherwise stayed away from all things breakable:

...while Shannon and I ventured a bit closer to the pretties we found:

A shopkeeper even pointed us in the direction of a little nook inbetween shops similar to the ones that Tara had just posted about :

* It was incredible being part of Oprah's "webinar" last night, with author Eckhart Tolle, discussing A New Earth. Incredible until everything crashed- my screen froze up, and nothing would load. Apparently with a global community of participants (over 139 countries were represented), the web slows down a bit. Okay, more than a bit. But it was still amazing. I still have to visit Oprah.com to download the rest of what I missed last night. New ways of thinking, paradigm-shifting... very neato topics. We'll see what happens next Monday night!

* Catching up on my blog-reading, I came across a link to housemartin who posted something that made me think of my mother: knitting. Go look. I want the rug. You have knitting needles that size, don't you Mom?

* Another link I stumbled across features sock monkeys, but not the old brown and cream ones- these are happy happy happy!

* Sally Jean has posted her list of suggestions for ways to celebrate March...

* And finally, right before the ol' diet starts up again, Smitten Kitchen posts on homemade devil dog, ding dong, or hostess cake.

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  1. Really cool blog! Thanks for stopping by mine so I got to find yours also. I used to be a para in Early Childhood Special Ed for 10 years, before doing design work full time. I loved it! Thank Goodness for people like you, that look out for the children!
    ps. I put you in for the drawing


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