Thursday, February 21, 2008

Show and Share Thursday: Little Treasures

Little goodies. Small discoveries. Items compact enough to fit in my carry on bag as I flew back to Texas from a weekend in Oz...these are my newest little treasures for our home, with one or two treats just for me:

My new (not-so-new) copper kitchen set along with two little copper jugs and toy or "sample" irons:

Yes, airport security did indeed open my bag to see just what the "metal triangle-thingies" were since they'd never seen anything like that on their x-ray machine before (so they said). Afterward, the guard helping me with my bag whispered that there were some great antique stores in Missouri that I should visit if I collect things like the irons, though she did recommend that I have them shipped/mailed back to home instead of bringing them onboard! Heh heh heh!

Here's my Vera Bradley purse in retired "Americana Red," a charming little Valentine card, my petit point purse mirror, bunny votive holder, and flying monkey plaque:

Look at the charming little beveled edge of the mirror:

I even found baskets full of back issues of various magazines, including the only recently reissued/published Victoria (I love antique/collectible stores that recycle "newer" publications instead of just Time/Life mags):

This copy of Marie Claire Ideas is in FRENCH! Though it's several years old, the photographs already have me hankering for our next observance of winter holidays- I love the "Russian look" with the nesting dolls and rich colors:

I feel some crafting inspiration coming on! But before that, I'll do my part and celebrate spring, changing the decor a bit this week. Easter falls in March this year, so I'll be skipping over my green/leprechaun/clover decor (sorry, St. Patrick!) and digging out the bunnies and eggs, hoppity hoppity hoppity!


As mentioned in a previous post, I've been playing catch up, reading all of the posts I missed over the weekend, so I only have one newly discovered blog of note to mention, Tracy Porter Blog, who also posts about her newest finds and treasures, and even designs. She features vibrant items, a nice change from all of the pastel-ey/shabby-chic stuff that can be found at many of the blogs I frequent for home decor ideas and her energy and positive attitude have perked me up each morning I've been home. I hope you like her!

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