Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where I Went, What I Saw...Thanks Derrick and Susan!

(...what I *bought* will be in tomorrow's blog)

The much-anticipated trip back to Oz, a gift from my husband, was bumpier than expected or hoped for, starting with a delay before I ever stepped on a plane here in the Bordertown. A forty-five minute delay, and then an "involuntary transfer" from one airlines to another, with another hour long wait to board. Instead of flying from Texas to Colorado to Kansas, I instead went from Texas to Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth) and then on to Missouri/Kansas in Kansas City. During my wait in Dallas/Ft. Worth, I looked up to see a celebrity in the snack shop buying treats and a white teddy bear with her friend/aide rolling the Louis Vuitton carry-ons behind her. While I did have my camera with me, easily accessible, I found it more interesting watching her from a distance and seeing, big surprise, that while plastic looking on tv and in magazines, she was a real human being. I did send a text message to my daughter however, since I knew she'd think it was "a cool thing."

On the plane, looking forward to a late afternoon arrival to Kansas, all passengers were told that we'd be sitting for a while....another forty-five minutes. Sigh. Mid-flight I began to worry that I might not make it to town in time to have dinner with my friends, but did my best to get through KC International to the car rental hub quickly after we landed. I had a reservation at Dollar Rental, and received excellent and friendly service from Derrick M., even after my debit card was returned denied. Making a quick call to Husband, we figured out that money had been transferred out of the account and never put back in, leaving me stranded for twenty-four hours until the online transfer he made while on the phone with me would "show up." Stuck, that is, until Derrick took me over to Susan S. at Payless Rental. Between the two of them, Kansas/Missouri hospitality and kindness were so very well represented, with sincere concern for me for not only that evening, but for the remainder of my trip. I couldn't have asked for two better people to have been put in my path on such a draining day.

Derrick and Susan,

You are **terrific!**

I did miss dinner that night, but had a good drive on dry roads, checked into my hotel, and slept hard until the smell of waffles wafted up the stairwell and into the hallway, seeping under my door. I stopped at a favorite book store for a latte, got some necessities at WalMart, and met Shauna, Jess, and baby S. at Panera for breakfast. Quality time!

The next day, the weather was chilly and windy, but I decided to drive to

a favorite place of mine, home to my "haunts:"

Broadway Antique Mall

Cedar Street Antiques

Yesterday's Rose Antique Mall

and Buckeye Antiques

Broadway tends to be my favorite, with three floors of furniture, antiques and collectibles to explore, but I had to laugh when I saw a small skunk collection they had on display:

They were in MUCH better shape than the skunks I had encountered on my drive to Abilene that morning, and didn't require that I cover my nose as I snapped this photo.

I made a deal with myself that I would NOT buy anything that was too big to pack in my carry on bag, nothing that I would have to mail, nothing I'd have to buy additional luggage for to house on the trip home. Talk about discipline! "Little" or "compact" were my search prerequisites.

Salt and pepper sets were tempting, but none held my attention for long, not even these miniature tea/coffee pots. I did find items that passed my requirements however, and brought them home as reminders of Oz, Abilene, the shop owners, and friends.

As for the following sign, it's an inside joke shared between me and my breakfast buddies (and no, I didn't buy it Girls, I just took a photo!):

The return flights home were on time, my family has welcomed me back and I've been deciding where all of my goodies will go throughout the house- details in tomorrow's blog of course!

Thank you Honey, for my trip. I loved it!

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