Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Left You Hanging

Apologies! I showed you all of those bunnies, eggs and other spring decorations piled on top of my kitchen counter, wondered where I'd end up putting them, and then... left you hanging! A little bit today, a little bit tomorrow, how about that?

You know I enjoy vignettes:

Some of you have wondered about my blog's new banner (those of you reading me in an RSS feed might want to take a peek just once to see the pretty photo I put up at the blog site itself), so here's where the photographs were taken:

I hope you enjoyed the peek at my spring decor- I'll have the simplest table centerpiece for you tomorrow, but I'll give you one element of it now- lace salvaged from one of my "fairy tale dress up day" outfits- no longer worn...but still put to good use:

Oh yes, I'm happy that at least here at home (indoors), SPRING HAS SPRUNG!

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