Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Separation of Confusion and Bewilderment

This was in my daughter's backpack, discovered as she cleaned it out in preparation for her return to school this morning:


When I asked where the sheet had come from, she replied that multiple copies of it had been passed out during lunch at school before winter break. When I asked who had passed them out, she said "adults" at school. I then asked her if they were adults she recognized from school (teachers, custodians, administrators, volunteers, etc) or strangers visiting. She told me that they were adults she saw regularly, and thought they were teachers though none she has for any subjects this year.

I'm a bit confused, only because our own family life is very categorized. "School things" happen at school, "church things" happen at church. My daughter attends public school, and does NOT belong to any religious youth groups that happen to meet on campus after school hours. I haven't found religious practice required in any of the curriculum requirements and standards for her grade either. And what is with the "I am also going to pray for this myself: yes, no?" Guilt much?

Explanations? Ideas?

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  1. Umm, have you made an appointment to talk to the principal about this?


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