Thursday, November 19, 2015

Quick Tabletop Easel

For Open House, my Stars made traditional handprint turkeys for their families.  Since our walls are decorated with Veterans Day art, patterned maize, and harvest pumpkins for November, we had no space left to display the great gobblers.  Simple desktop easels to the rescue!

I cut four inch wide, twenty-four inch long strips of tagboard, and then folded each strip as shown, with three sections seven inches long, and a tab three inches long to fold over the edge:

After folding, I applied tape so the tagboard would keep its shape.  Our handprint turkeys, not being very heavy, easily leaned against the tagboard, but I stuck some tape behind them to keep them from sliding off or wibble-wobbling.

Our turkey art measured nine inches by nine inches, and these easels worked great!

My Stars also left their math and ELA journals at their desks for families to look through before they toured the rest of the room. 


My Super Stars love crowns and hats!  Click here for last year's post about our turkey headgear!

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