Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dramatic Play: Creature Café

Pneumonia or not, NOTHING would prevent me from setting up the Creature Café in the dramatic play center for the Stars. 

Go ahead. Place an order. I dare you.  Yes, that's "booger," not "burger," and it's no mistake.  The Stars brainstormed the types of food they thought creatures might like to order from a restaurant.  After deciding on the following categories, Soups, Sandwiches, Drinks and Desserts, it was easy and fun to think up gross menu items:

The grosser, the better!  I typed up the menu, printed, and laminated two copies for center use:

"Fingernail and Snot Sandwich...."  YUM!

Some cobwebs, bats, and Halloween colored paper lanterns give the center enough ~ambiance~ to make it feel like a big change to students.  Laminated menus, holiday cups, tableware and even "order forms" help each Super Star get into character.  The order forms are also a great way to incorporate writing, literacy and math concepts.

How do you ~change up~ your dramatic play area?

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