Monday, October 28, 2013

H is for Halloween Hoot Owls in Hats

As my Stars have plenty of opportunities to trace and cut at centers, it's fun to give them the chance to work on tracking, memory and assembly projects.  School volunteers cut the following shapes out of black, white, brown, orange and yellow construction paper (the large brown rectangle is 7 inches by 9 inches):

I cut a triangle and wide rectangle from an old book, but you could also use newspaper/newsprint:

After showing my students how to assemble the owl (hoo hoo, they're wearing Halloween hats!), I sent them back to their desks to see if they could remember each step:

First, we wrote our names on the large black piece of paper with a white crayon, and then flipped it over.  We drew a line with our crayon across the upper right corner and colored it in to make the moon.

Then we glued the large brown rectangle near the bottom of the page, and added the brown triangles (ears), white circles (eyes), and orange wings.  After gluing the orange triangle between the eyes, we made an AB pattern with the remaining yellow and orange triangles for the owl's chest feathers.  Using a black crayon, the Stars colored a pupil onto each of the owl's eyes.

Finally, we created a hat by gluing the newsprint/book page rectangle and triangle together and then setting them at a jaunty angle over one of the owl's ears.

What's an art project without glitter?  Using "wet" glue, squeeze several spirals across the hat and night sky.  Then sprinkle (or dump) gold glitter over the glue:

Shake off the excess glitter:

... and there you have it!

Hoo hoo!  Halloween Hoot Owls in Hats!

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