Friday, July 12, 2013

Summertime Classroom To-Do List: New Labels for Book Bins

After two years of use, the labels on the book bins that my students use in our library area were looking a bit worse for wear.  Bent, rolled, and two of them ~somehow CUT~, it was time to make new ones.

After tracking down free clip art on line, I pasted images into a Word document and added categories so that my Stars would know which bin contained books that suited their interests.  After printing out the clip art and text together, I cut them out and added them to the center of activity cards that match much of my classroom decor.  Not tech savvy, I know, but sometimes "old school" is just as easy!  

Then I used my desktop laminator:

My tubs have hook and loop patches on them so that I can change labels as needed during the year:

My tubs aren't full in August as I like to model and have my students practice respectful and responsible book handling.  I start each school year with the following categories/genres:  ABC Books, Animals, Colors, Fairy Tales, Family, Friendship, School, and Super Star Books (student-made stories).

With new labels made, I get to check one more thing off of my summertime to-do list!


If you prefer ready-made, printable book labels, check these blogs:

~ Lyndsey at A Year of Many Firsts shares FREE book bin labels

~ Teacher Laura at Kindergarten Adventures made book bin labels AND sticker sets (also freebies!)

~ ... and Leslie at Kindergarten Works explains her book tub system and provides printables, along with a great tip on how to use paint-stir sticks to organize book storage.



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