Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ants in My...

... NOT pants, thankfully!

Today I went to my classroom to work through some changes in my furniture arrangement for the upcoming school year, and while sliding tables, drawers, and dramatic play toys around, my daughter and I uncovered a MOUND of ants in front of a window:

... and they FLEW.  Thanks to our wonderful summer staff, the exterminator was called and the room (and exterior building walls) were sprayed, baited, and sprayed some more.  

Can I tell you how glad I am that I didn't wait until the end of July to return to school?

Along with furniture switcharoos, I'm changing some of my bulletin board displays too: black paper for focus walls, with natural boards framed with trimmer for the rest.  

Here's the room prior to the ant discovery:

I know, I know, such pretty blue paper...

But I'm liking how the other colors *pop* with some black thrown in:

The blue calendar board will be the last one finished since it's on the wall that had to be sprayed.


What changes are you considering making for the fall?

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  1. Ugh...ants! The year I student taught in first grade my cooperating teacher was digging for a huge box of pencils in her closet and we discovered a nest of roaches! That's been many years ago and when I remember that visual I still shudder! I love black paper for my bulletin boards. In fact I use it for all my boards and then stick with a plain border in one of three classroom colors. I read a blog last year that talked about making boards less distracting and more uniform. Good luck getting your room together!


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