Monday, April 08, 2013

Lowercase ~e~ Quick Craft

Elephants, erasers, emus...


 photo 20130408_091114_zps3afc9534.jpg

5 X 5 brown square, light blue oval die-cut, yellow lowercase "e" die-cut

 photo 20130408_091137_zps44a192fa.jpg

Draw a zigzag line across the middle of the oval

 photo 20130408_091207_zps2c23e43c.jpg

Cut on zigzag line

 photo 20130408_091222_zps98529aa8.jpg

You'll be gluing the bottom of the shell first, then the letter e:

 photo 20130408_091233_zps1cd3eceb.jpg

 photo 20130408_091248_zpsb6d7ce6f.jpg

Make sure the bottom of the shell is glued to the lower corner of the brown square

 photo 20130408_091311_zps756f8ba7.jpg

The lowercase "e" should be placed as if it's hatching out of the shell

 photo 20130408_091327_zps30a51232.jpg

Glue the top at an angle

... and make sure you add "gg"to complete your egg!


The Super Stars display a letter-of-the-week craft on a bulletin board in our classroom, but this one is small enough to be glued into a journal if you're creating an alphabet book. 

 photo 20130408_091024_zpse35273e6.jpg

Here are some more great letter Ee crafts:

Eggshell Eels at Kiboomu



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