Thursday, April 04, 2013

Excitement: Where Women Create

Regular visitors to the blog know that I tend to get my craft groove on at home as well as at school.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the classroom, there was some excitement today when I checked my email: the chairs in my at-home crafty nook were shared with readers at Where Women Create!

Where Women Create has been one of my favorite publications and regular source of crafty and organizational inspiration since my crafty nook really was ~just~ a nook.  Buntings and classroom decor have been created in my special room since we moved into our home almost two years ago.

Thank you Jo and company, for sharing the story of my meant-to-be chairs.  Want to read about them?


When were my chairs featured?  On my mother's birthday!

Happy Birthday Mommy.

 photo 89ac5b74-26dc-4e43-8f7b-01b00343b0ec_zps7f52aced.jpg

(Psst: she's a teacher too!)


And the end of the story? Where Women Create shared my "meant-to-be" chairs online *today.* My eldest, Nathaniel, met Jo, creator and Editor-in-Chief of Where Women Create in Alaska, t-o-d-a-y. Meant. To. Be.

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  1. So cool!!! I love this magazine! Now I have a famous creative friend!!!


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