Saturday, March 09, 2013

It's Okay to Like Not-So-Silent Teachers

After years of teaching, blogging and of listening to and reading the news, I'd just like to remind you of something:

It's okay to like teachers.

To respect us.  Trust us.  Admire us even.

Education issues will continue to rage as big-name, big-wallet "important" people work to silence the voice of those responsible for innovating, developing, and sharing the day-to-day learning experience with students.  We guide your children, teach them, and support them as they learn all about this great big world.  We take chances and provide opportunities each and every day, and no matter what you've been told, we're not wrong to take a stand in defense of our students, our schools, and our jobs.

Non-experts, bound by profit margins and not by the goal of developing lifelong learners have convinced many well-intentioned parents that we are a threat.  "Who knows what that teacher will expose my child to" has replaced "I know that teacher will expose my child to the best learning situations and opportunities possible."

As you read and listen to the news regarding the rights of teachers, think back and remember the ones who made a difference in your life, and honor their legacy. We certainly remember the ones who made a difference in ours.

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  1. Thank you... sometimes I forget how I help my wonders bloom and the wondeful teachers and my parents that made a differnce in mine!


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