Tuesday, January 29, 2013

100th Day of Kindergarten!

We're 100 days *smarter* today!  

After all of our fun 100th Day of Kindergarten activities, I'm also feeling 100 times more tired this evening, go figure.


~ created our 100th Day Snack, selecting ten pieces of ten different food items 
~ drew 10 dots on 10 strips of paper that were attached to a crown
~ counted and bundled ten sets of ten straws
~ added the first triple digit number to our math chart 1-0-0
~ used 100 paper cups to build all sorts of walls and towers
~ watched Emily's First 100 Days of School (via Discovery Education but here's a preview via Vimeo)
~ and thanks to a Super Star Mom, ate 100 mini-cupcakes!

I also emailed families with a list of other 100th Day activities they might enjoy, such as :

~ counting 100 steps to/from the park
~ hugging family members 100 times
~ tossing and catching a ball 100 times


In case you were worried that I'd missed the opportunity to wear a funny hat, never fear:

Ten strips of paper each sporting ten colorful dots helped me rock a rainbow-ish spider/tentacle look this afternoon.  The Super Stars loved parading to lunch wearing theirs as well.

The 100th Day is special: we're closer to the first grade than we are to preschool, and it's a great day to encourage the Stars to celebrate how much they've grown, changed, and learned since the first day of school.  

I'm proud of them.  Their families are too.


Here's a link to my Pinterest board "100th Day of School." Teachers have wonderfully creative and educational ideas for observing this milestone... if you'd like to share more activities, link me up to your blog or leave details in a comment.

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