Thursday, April 14, 2011

Students Don't Need Test Prep, They Need Life Prep

Will Richardson explains how school presently equals test prep (no surprise to educators), and shares his opinion that "if this is your definition of better, you can have it."  Test prep does not equal learning.

He shares a tweet almost ten minutes in that I had to pause the video in order to read:  “My kid already plays sick to get out of going to kindergarten.  WTF?  How do you make kindergarten suck?”  The audience laughed at the horrible humor of the Tweeter's child's reality, sympathetically, I know.  I just cringed.

I agree with Richardson: our students don't need test prep.  They need life prep.

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  1. That is so sad...playing sick to avoid Kindergarten. :( Wow! Awesome video- thanks for sharing.


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