Sunday, April 24, 2011

Habby Eeser!


Thanks to our fabulous families, my Super Stars enjoyed coloring eggs before they left for their three-day Easter weekend.

Eau de Vinegar and Hard Boiled Eggs was our aroma for the day, and little fingers remained blue, pink, and green at the tips no matter how much they were washed and scrubbed.  Such is the life of a kindergartner.

The life of a kindergarten ~teacher~ includes one of repeated germ exposure, so guess what *I* have for Easter?

A spring cold.

Yep, I hab a code in my doze.  Sudafed, ibuprofin, and lots of fluids fill my Easter basket this year, and unless my voice returns, I may need to request a sub for tomorrow.  NOT the best day to be absent, but also not a good day to try to go to work voiceless with a head full of gunk.  Kindergartners + Easter candy + Monday requires SUPER TEACHER, and at this point, I'm a cape, tights, and a few super powers short.

Ah, sub guilt.  When do you feel it?

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  1. Alas! i had planned to do this for easter with my kids but no food coloring.


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