Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seven Days and Summer Dreams

Seven days left in the school year, and here's the to-do list:

* Report cards finished  ✓
* Extras (hand sanitizer, tissue) distributed to music/art/library/p.e./science teachers   ✓
* Extra/straggler copies of worksheets collected to be donated to Head Start Class    ✓
* Journals made    ** work in progress**
* Back to School/August copying done   ✓
* Welcome to Kindergarten goodies made   **work in progress**
* Tubs of manipulatives cleaned and stored  ** next week**
* PowerPoint of year's photographs created  **work in progress**
* Calendars prepped with important dates  (desk copy and Star Helper of the day copy)   ✓
* Appreciation gifts for aide and para    **next week**
* Student portfolios ready for parent pick-up   ✓
* Teacher laptop ready for tech department's summer updates  ** uh..... NO**

Not as many checkmarks as I'd like, but trust me, it will all get done.  What's slowing me down?

Daydreaming about that summer breeze that's right around the corner...


  1. Hi Michaele, I laughed at the similar "to do" list. My question is what do you do for your student portfolios? Something wildly creative? (I imagine)

  2. Hi Heather! No, I'm afraid my student portfolios are just the assessments, samples, treasures, self portraits, anecdotal notes, photos, and funny quotes collected over the year... neatly packaged in a MONDO-HUGE manila envelope that my Super Stars decorate... along with their journals. :)

  3. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Today is our LAST day!! Hoooray! We are out at 11 so the countdown is on. All of us are going to eat Mexican food together to kick off summer break. :) Everythins is cleaned, files, packed, organized(well, sort of), and covered. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!


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