Sunday, February 07, 2010

Valentine Cards for My Super Stars

Between doing loads of laundry, ironing clothes for the week, cleaning house and watching Mother Nature change her mind between rain and snow repeatedly today (presently I'm thinking she's decided to make it snain, or row- nothing nearly as fast or urgent as *sleet*), I had fun making valentine cards for my Super Stars!

I used cardboard colored cardstock (pre-cut to postcard size), two sheets of scrapbooking paper printed with valentine illustrations and sentiments, pinking shears, scrap paper hole-punched into heart shapes, hot glue, and white buttons:

Easy, peasy, 1, 2, 3sy!

I'll sign each card and tape a valentine pencil to the back before delivering to my Stars' valentine mailboxes this week!

(Teacher Tip: Kindergarten students love deckle scissors and hole punches too- they're perfect for making valentine cards or other craftsy items!)

~ Heart shaped cookies, pastries, mini cakes, candies, panini sandwiches and even potato chip how-to's can be found at Celebrate Creativity in All Its Forms...

~ Little Birdie Secrets shares a crochet heart pattern...

~ Room Mothers (or Fathers!) will love Make and Takes' chocolate dipped and decorated heart treats for upcoming valentine parties...

~ The Crafts Dept. at Martha Stewart offers valentine wrapping ideas for candy-giving...

~ ... and The Long Thread shares a valentine treat idea adapting a crayon-making-tutorial originally shared at Make and Takes...

Valentine, I ♡ you!

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  1. Your cards look great! and thank you for all those links to explore!


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