Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Link Time: Turkeys, Turkeys, and More Turkeys

One student's departure, a new student's arrival, meetings galore and Open House make for a busy week... and hey, it's only Wednesday!

We're getting *awfully* close to Thanksgiving however, so just in case you aren't completely turkeyed-out yet, here are some links that will push you dangerously close to the gobble-gobble-gobble ledge.

Obviously I'm already over it.

Sweetly Edible Turkeys:

~Keebler Fudge Striped Turkeys by Cakespy at Serious Eats

~Oreo Turkey Cookies at Make and Takes

~Rice Krispie Turkeys at Alpha Mom

~... and thanks to D., a.k.a. "The Candy Corn Fairy," our family will be making these turkey cookies this weekend

Turkey Centerpieces:

~An updated version of the paper bag turkey at

~eHow's paper turkey (this one includes the ever-popular t.p. roll for the body!)

~...and a cute turkey made from a styrofoam egg over at All Kids Network...


Here's my favorite Thanksgiving song, "I'm Gonna Eat on Thanksgiving Day" by Laurie Berkner.


  1. The cookies were TONS of fun to do with Ella. And her class LOVED them. Suggestion, I didn't mix in the flour as called for in the recipe. Just prepared the cookies according to the package. Saved time, energy and a flour mess!

  2. Hi Michaele,
    I had some questions for you that I thought might make a good blog post and also would be helpful for many of your fellow teaching followers. (like me) :)
    I would love to read and see:
    1. How you organize your files for your many art projects and creative ideas.
    2. How you remember to do said projects through out the year, every year. Do you have a prefilled in plan book (a word document you print out every year with spots filled in)? or Do it a few weeks out? Inquiring minds want to know. :)
    3. How often do you do art?
    4. If and how and, well...for that matter...,what do you do for an end of year scrapbook or memory book for your students.
    Thank you for all the wonderful ideas and pictures. I have used so many of them with my own children and in the classroom!
    Take care,

    PS. Happy Thanksgiving too! :)


As always, thank you for your comments, tips, suggestions and questions!