Wednesday, October 28, 2009

C is for...

Cabinet full of Cubbies:

I first laid eyes on this treasure during my visit to Farmstead a few weekends ago, but in an attempt to "be good" while Dear Husband is away, I kept my pocketbook safely stored inside of my purse that evening.

I experienced NON-buyer's remorse every day after walking away from the repurposed cabinet... and I mean E-V-E-R-Y....s-i-n-g-l-e...DAY.  Hoping for a miracle, I emailed Sheila and inquired about the piece, and as it turns out, I was in for a dose of good Karma. Dear Husband bought it for me as an early birthday present.

Braving rain, a longer-than-usual drive, and after navigating unfamiliar neighborhoods, I arrived to find Craig and Sheila of Odd Folies ready to let me adopt my newest find.  Once I got it home, I was giddy as I opened each drawer, finding fun little dividers, and drawers of multiple depths:

What does a cabinet full of cubbies hold?  Crochet, candles, and cards, of course!

Many thanks to Sheila, Craig and Dear Husband for this awesome treasure!
C is also for cupcake toppers (Vanessa created and shares them over at A Fanciful Twist)...

... and Halloween cocktails (check out the Black Widow Martini shared by Hostess With the Mostess)...

... with window clings (at Scribbit) rounding out our letter of the day!


  1. Look how happy it is in it's new home, dressed up all pretty, with it's drawers filled once again!!!

  2. It seems a wonderful decoration, too with these lanterns.
    Enjoy your new treasure!

  3. Thank you for stopping over and leaving a comment. What a FABU cabinet this is!!!

  4. Oh my gosh!!!
    I LOVE this table!

  5. Michaele, that cabinet looks great! Thank you so much for taking it home and giving it a real purpose! Looks like it took you no time to get it filled! We appreciate your purchase - it took Craig 20 + hours to get that into shape!

  6. Ooh, I would have had non-buyers remorse over this one too!

    We're finding lots of good deals on neat old stuff down here in AZ. It seemed to be so scarce and at such a premium back in AK.

    We've pretty much furnished our who;e house here with thrift store, garage sale and consignment shop pieces.


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