Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn in Oz

Yesterday was the perfect autumn day for a drive:

At D.'s suggestion, I went out in search of a "Gypsy Flea Market," driving down winding roads, through beautiful neighborhoods...

...and arrived at a clearing which led to a barn, full of hay bales and furniture, odds and ends, books, clinky-clanky jewelry, and home-baked goods.

At which point my camera promptly died.

I've gotten into such a habit of carrying it with me wherever I go that I keep forgetting to put it back on its charger each evening.  I'm glad it lasted long enough to capture some of fall's splendor.

A Marcrest divided bean bowl and two tussie-mussie holders did manage to come home with me, as did two folding rulers, but the beautiful drive was the real treat yesterday.

After leaving the flea market, I explored Parkville, and quite by accident came across the most heavenly needleart store, "Florilegium."  Though not a knitter or fiber artist myself, I couldn't help but be inspired by the beautiful and tactile displays- and the cabinetry.... If I could have purchased some of their old pharmacy drawers and cabinets I would have!  Click through the sub-categories on this page to see some more photos of the shop... oh, the ribbons, the beads, the studios!

I'm three posts away from my 600th blog entry!

To celebrate I'll be updating my blogroll (right hand side- remember, the categories follow kindergarten/teacher themes, though not all links are to other educators' blogs...for example "Snacktime/Lunch won't take you to sites featuring healthy snacks for students, but will take you to some awesome foodie blogs that inspire me on a regular basis!) and figuring out a fun giveaway that all of my readers (and especially those following my blog) can participate in by simply leaving a comment.  Check back for details!


  1. You didn't tell me you found some treasures too! I got the neatest old makeup case and large emerald green jar. Already have plans for both. But an old suit case was the hard item to walk away from. LOVED it, but couldn't quite purpose it in my head. All my ideas would have been destroyed by a small boy in the house.....pretty sure you know how that goes.
    I got a great photo of the camels though!

  2. Ah! The camera died right when you were getting to the fun stuff. But the fall pictures were nice! :) Can't wait to hear about the give away. I'm excited!!!!

  3. Thank you again Michaele -- so glad you are loving your cabinet -- candles? Are you by chance a 5B & Co. fan? They are the very best -- one little votive will frangrance for 16-18 hours AND will serve about 350 sq.ft. The photos of your drive in the country are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!


As always, thank you for your comments, tips, suggestions and questions!