Thursday, May 28, 2009

Changes Happen in Kindergarten

Kindergarten: Where magical things happen in the course of a year...

Below are self portraits of several of my Stars. During the first week of school, I asked my students to draw themselves using a large oval, the letter "T" (eyebrow line and bridge of nose), and to look in a mirror to determine their eye and hair color(s) to add to the portrait as details. I then tucked those portraits away for safe-keeping.

Two weeks ago, I reintroduced the lesson to the Stars for a second time, and then hung their August portraits (left side) next to their May renderings (right side).

It's an art lesson that takes my breath away each and every year:

First grade, here they come!


  1. All the pictures are showing different expressions . I can only say that the kids are very cerative and artistic after viewing these pictures .

  2. Wow! It just amazing the growth little ones show in a year!


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