Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thursday's Random Thoughts ~*snicker*~

It's been windy, rainy, occasionally sunny, chilly then warm, and altogether a much-too-short Spring Break.

Maybe that's just me.

I've baked, watched movies I normally wouldn't due to subject manner/genre, slept in one whopping morning, cleaned house, crafted, wandered through Barnes and Noble all by my lonesome (Heaven, I'm in Heaven...) and napped, all while trying to push the nagging drive that prods me to be productive, get caught up, work ahead, and get things accomplished to the side- heck, completely out the door. By the time I'm truly ready to relax and let go, it will be time to return to work. I'll try it again when summer arrives.


My random thoughts for this week:

~ I find it incredibly amusing when people around me repeatedly try to affect my emotions and possible behavior by way of amateur stabs at suggestive psychology: shift suggestibility, that is, suggestibility under social pressure.

Don't quit your day job Sunshine, because I certainly won't be quitting mine.

~ I love to crochet, make banners, craft. It's play to me, exploration...learning something new, and creating something from scratch that's mine, mine to share, or mine to keep. I'm presently working on a baby afghan for my daughter's newest cousin, Miss K. She gets chocolate and pink crocheted squares...hopefully soon! I've been offered the opportunity to create an exclusive set of bitty banners for an awfully cute online shop, so I've been making mock ups this week. I've also splurged a bit too much on the latest issues of Artful Blogging, Somerset Studio, and Country Living (British edition).

~ Where Women Create has me chomping at the bit to rearrange, retool, rethink my "creative space," a.k.a. my "crafting nook." Why does the urge to freshen up my space always make an appearance at the least convenient time? If I could do it as quickly as Ms. Vida, Ms. Noxeema and Ms. Chi-Chi (minus the drag queen aesthetic), it would be DONE:

Oh yes, "Operation Decorator Storm" is exactly what needs to happen around here!
(To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar)

~ P.F. Chang's lettuce! The price...not so much. I'll be trying this recipe soon.

~ Easter dinner... I haven't planned Easter dinner...

Oh get a grip! Tomorrow is Friday, I... have... time. Right?

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