Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Here's something I love to hear as a kindergarten teacher:

"TEACHER! Something *cool* happened!!!!!"

What could be more cool than watching seeds sprout into plants? My Stars went on a seed hunt, finding seeds everywhere, asking parents to bag 'em and tag 'em so we could start them in soil as a science center:

With the help of a Super Star Mom, my students played in soil, planted seeds, watered them, and made sure they put them in a sunny corner of the room we share with the kindergarten class next door:

Five days later something *cool* did indeed happen:

Two days later? Check out the nasturtiums, one container of tomato sprouts, and our sunflower plant (not surprisingly, the tallest of them all!):


The Stars were also proud to help our planet by reusing their milk cartons from lunch each day- Earth Day CAN be every day!


  1. It is always amazing to me how much children just LOVE to see those plants come up from seeds. My kindergardner has planted in 3yr preschool, Pre-k, and we just planted at home. The plants have sprouted, and you would have thought he won a million dollars. I love seeing them get so excited about the little things!

  2. This former science teacher says, "Great project!"

  3. wow!! i've only done grass and lima beans. good inspiration for next year!

    love your blog- just found it. tagged you today in a blog about unimportant things that make me happy. as a kindergarten teacher you've got to be good at appreciating the little things.

  4. Isn't it amazing what wonderment children see in such simple things we take for granted? Got to love that!

    I enjoy your blog very much - please come visit mine, I have a giveaway going on and another about to start!

  5. Claire and Caren,thanks so much for dropping by! I'll be returning the favor on Friday afternoon, once this very busy week is OVER! :)


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